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Serum Pack Installation

Missing Files

If you are having issues with missing content from your download, please use the suggested “FREE” unwrapping tools such as WinRAR (for PC) or The Unarchiver (for Mac). These are the best ways to unpackage your download. Please See download links below.

For PC users:

WinRar -

For Mac users:

The Unarchiver -

How do I install my new Sound Constraints presets into Serum?

To install your new presets, there are a few different methods. Here is a walk through of the primary one:

Follow these steps:

1. Open Serum in your DAW of choice and click on the “Menu” tab.How to install Sound Constraints Premium Serum Collection

2. Select “Show Serum Presets folders” in the dropdown menu. Once selected, your Serum Preset folder should open. Here you will find all Preset, Wavetables, Noises Effects, LFO Shapes, etc., folders.

3. Open the “Presets” folder. Once you have this folder open, drag your new "Sound Constraints" Presets into this folder

4. Open "Wavetables" folder. Once you have this folder open, drag your new "Custom Wavetables" folder into this folder

5. Close and restart Serum and your presets should be loaded and ready to go!


My presets are not loading in XFER RECORDS SERUM / Version Issues

There can be a couple reasons why you are having issues with your presets. The most common is because you may have an older version of “Serum” and the presets were made with a new updated version. To update your Serum, please go to and log into your account. (If you use splices rent to own program simply go to and click "update")

Next Step: Click on “See Available Downloads” as shown in the picture below.

The Preset was made with a newer version of serum update serum at www.xferrecords.comAfter you click on “See Available Downloads” you will be led to a new page of all your available downloads for your account. Proceed to the “Update” section (see picture below) and find the latest Serum update for both PC and Mac users. Click on the “Download” button that applies to your system. Once downloaded, install, and reopen serum. You should now be operating on the most current Serum update. This should fix any issues with your presets not loading.

Updating Serum to newest version - Sound Constraints