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PRODUCING music For BEGINNERS - How To START Making MUSIC (Software, Hardware, Mindsets)

Producing Music For Beginners - What Software, Hardware and Mindsets do You Need to Start Producing Music

This video is going to quickly, efficiently and CHEAPLY walk you through all of the software and hardware you need to start producing great music on your computer

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➡️ NOW THE two greatest concerns individuals have before jumping into music creation is that they're apprehensive they can't bear the cost of it and that their absence of real music theory will stop them from making GOOD music

➡️ Fortunately, you don't have to spend a lot to begin creating incredible music and I'm going to show you some tricks on how you can get started without that confusing music theory stuff. 

In this video, I go over HOW to start making music - for Beginners, quickly, easily, and CHEAPLY. I break down step by step the Software, Hardware, and the Mindset that you need to start producing music you love(:

➡️ Today is the perfect time to start your music production journey. I cover what a DAW is and which DAW is best for beginner music producers as well as link to a couple of demo versions so you can see which digital audio work station works best for you.

➡️ I also cover essential music production equipment for the beginner looking to produce music. I go over Midi Keyboards, Studio Headphones, and high-quality sample packs and why they are essential for anyone looking to start producing music they love as quickly as possible.

➡️ So.. You have a computer BUT where and how do you actually start to create music? WELL with a "Digital audio workstation", or DAW, a DAW is type of software that's used to produce music. It aims to provide you with the recording, production, mixing, and mastering abilities of an analog recording studio so you're taking all that crazy stuff and putting it in a music production laptop / desktop(: 

Watch the above video for a Step By Step guide on how to produce music for beginners in 2020!

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