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MIDI Collection - For All Genres

MIDI Collection - For All Genres

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🎹 EXPERTLY crafted chord progressions and rich, beautiful melodies with ZERO effort? Yes, please.


 🎼 Songwriting can be very difficult for many producers. 

From the beginning, our goal at Sound Constraints has always been to allow you to produce quality music that you love as quickly and as easily as possible. WE want to remove every barrier so that YOU can focus on what's actually important. PRODUCING GREAT MUSIC!

Well, our team of professional songwriters and producers have been hard at work and we are very excited to say that we have achieved that goal! 

➡️ This MIDI Pack Allows you to INSTANTLY drag and drop professional full chord and melody sections straight into your project. Perfect for EVERY genre including Future Bass, Pop, All Types of House, Trap, Hip-Hop and Melodic Dubstep

Creating chart ready music that you LOVE has never been easier. 

🎹 Say GOODBYE to Writers Block


☑️ OVER 60 PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED MIDI LOOPS - EVERY Loop is a Potential Hit. Quickly find exciting progressions so you can get producing your next banger! More time creating, less time-wasting. These are FULL chord and melody progressions

☑️ DRAG AND DROP FUNCTIONALITY - Instantly drag and drop full professional chord and melody sections straight into your project that even your favorite artist would be jealous of.

☑️ CRAFTED FOR EVERY GENRE - These loops are perfect for EVERY genre. And are sorted into 6 distinct vibes depending on what type of creative mood you're in. From mainstage ready house music and powerful Melodic Dubstep to club-ready Hip-Hop, no matter what you're in the mood for, it's there.

☑️ FILTERED AND CURATEDChord progressions can make or break an entire song, so as always, we filter our work so that you don't have to. That leaves you with a potential hit with every single loop. You won't find any useless filler content here. 

☑️ OVER 60 AUDIO LOOPS - Beautiful audio piano loops for an even easier and quicker drag and drop experience. 

☑️ 🌟 1000's OF HOURS OF STUDIO TIME - Amazingly talented songwriters and Producers worked tirelessly to create these industry-standard progressions. And you can harness all of that work and potential for one incredibly low price [For a limited time]

☑️ QUICK AND EASY INSTALL - Once purchased you'll receive a download link in your email inbox. You'll be producing in less than 2 minutes!

☑️ 100% ROYALTY FREE - Once you're finished with your great new track you can distribute it however you'd like! - use them in your commercial productions (sell to labels, upload to streaming services, perform live, release etc.) 

☑️ EVERY Single Loop is a Hit Song Waiting to Happen

Here is a taste of the high quality sounds you will get:

(Most of these loops already sound great with the default piano plugin, they will sound EVEN BETTER when you put your favorite VSTS/Synths on them!)





Pairing one of our Sample Collections with our Sound Constraints producer challenge will have you completing more songs, faster, and of a higher quality than you ever have before.